NuAgra: A New Way Of Agriculture

A Healthier Choice

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Our Mission is one of healthy and sustainable agriculture, so you can feel good about the beef you eat. From the prairie to your plate, we want you to feel good about the food you serve your family.

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We may have discovered the “Napa Valley” for the beef industry.

Nuagra offers beef from ranchers & farmers who are passionate about their cattle and the land where they graze. They embrace environmental sustainability and produce a diverse variety of grasses, ensuring the cattle enjoy a grass finished diet that is rich in nutrients and energy.

By more naturally raising cattle, our ranchers’ beef is protein-rich, has less fat, and offers an enhanced artisan flavor.

A new way of agriculture...

At Nuagra, we seek a new way of agriculture ~ one that nourishes the environment and most importantly, promotes a healthier YOU. Discover natural, prairie-raised beef from the Coteau des Prairie to your table. 

When you purchase beef from us, you will not only have an enjoyable eating experience and will know where your food comes from; you are also supporting the restoration of native grasslands like the tallgrass prairie.